Looking for Something Better Than Diamonds?

cubic zirconiaDiamonds have been the standard of luxury and beauty for jewelry stones for centuries. Diamonds have been cherished by women all over the world because of their looks and their appeal as the most desirable gem. Generations of women might have thought it impossible that there would be something better than diamonds but modern advances have brought us a gemstone that many women now appreciate more than diamonds: cubic zirconia.

It’s true: more women than ever are choosing to wear cz instead of diamonds. Whether they are going out for a night on the town or are just looking for some basic jewelry to wear every day, cubic zirconia is frequently becoming their go-to choice. So why is it that platinum cubic zirconia engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and more are becoming so popular? Here are a few reasons:

Looks: Women love to wear cz because at first glance they appear to be wearing diamond rings. Many people are unable to tell the difference between cubic zirconia and diamonds unless they are looking at the stones under a jeweler’s loupe.

Gold Stacking Rings

Gold Stacking RingsThe current graph of the world is such that newer drifts are evolving as well as escalating. Right now, you can simply accessorize any particular part of your body; there is just no limit to it. One example of evolving trends is the alternation of the typical finger rings into the present day contemporary gold stacking rings. This trend has proved to be of high inclination and has grabbed the desired interest and attention of its target group.

Over the years, we’ve been noticing multiple trends being showcased by different groups of people. Let us jot them down one by one.


There was a time when this concept was known with reference to only clothing. However, nowadays this trend can be implied with context to accessories as well. Fashion has genuinely changed its form over the years and today is seeking several new horizons. So the pattern by which you accessorize yourself with layering over gold stacking rings is by putting analogous rings on the first finger along with a tall in the middle and finally two different sized on the subsequent two fingers.

How to Select Handmade Jewellery

Handmade JewelleryChoosing handmade jewellery can be tricky, particularly if you don’t know much about it. There are many things that you should look for while selecting such jewellery. It’s not like about to the jewellery store wherever everything is of high quality (and high price).

On the contrary, it is much more fun, much more cost-effective, and much easier to wind up with something that’s going to wind up in the trash in a week. Thus, you would like to use caution in making your shopping for selections so that you’re not throwing money down the drain.


One of the most important factors in selecting handmade jewellery or leather bracelets for women is quality. Quality refers to the appearance and also its durability. Some jewellery is made by welding pieces together. Others are made with epoxy or glue. Still other items are made with neither of these things; rather use a method called wire wrapping to make the jewellery.

In addition to the technique utilized to create the jewellery, you would like to contemplate what the handcrafted

Custom Design Jewelry, Treat Yourself a Little

If you have ever seen someone wearing a piece of custom design jewelry then you are aware of how gorgeous it can be. There is just something about wearing such a piece of jewelry that was specifically designed for you that makes you feel like a million bucks! Although the process may take some time to complete, you will be more than excited with the outcome as you try it on for the very first time.

Many women are taking to custom design for their engagement rings. There is nothing quite like having the ring of your dreams on your finger for the rest of your life. Let us be honest with ourselves: How many women do you know who can truly say and mean that they would not change a single thing about their engagement rings? If you know one of these chicks, you are doing better than most! No matter how beautiful the ring he is that he chose, more often than not, she would like to change something about it had she the opportunity. There is nothing wrong with this and most women are completely happy with the ring

Gemstone Jewellery For The Boho Chic

As there are different types of people around the world, it is quite understood that their personalities will surely vary from each other. Due to the reason, there is such a vast diversity in fashion styles and preferences among the individuals. Some like to keep it simple and classy, while some want to portray a bold and sassy style. Among many, boho-chic is one of the most favorite styles of the fashion conscious lot. This particular style got its influence from bohemian and hippie culture. It’s been in existence since 1900s and has bowled over many a fashion lovers by its easy going nature. Though, this style seems to vanish in between, but resurfaces with a bang from time to time.

The word “Boho” is an abbreviation of Bohemian and “Chic” is extracted from the French, meaning stylish or elegant. The original Bohemians were actually the travelers or refugees from central Europe. The boho chic look is that of the hippies, which gained quite a popularity after being donned by several celebrities, like Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, etc. portraying a boho chic look is all about having your own individuality and looking natural at the same time.

Diamonds, A Girls Best Friend

Every lady has a look at herself and asks the question “mirror mirror on the wall….” to get the best answer from your mirror, don’t forget to add a touch of jewellery with latest designs to yourselves. It will not be easy to get rid of the old jewellery pieces which you used to wear in your childhood. So, get ready to shine in all new designs of jewellery, which will make you shine more than the mirror on the wall. Before you start shopping all you need to do is keep knowledge about the trends. These days diamonds, silver, gold and pearls are used in very innovative ways to reduce the cost and gat the same time give a trendy touch. We can also look at necklace set online shopping in India, Where you can find many latest diamond necklace designs also.

The diamonds:
It is the most wanted jewellery these days. As we say “your love grows, so should your diamonds” Diamonds are available with many combinations of coloured stones. The best and trending fashion is diamonds set in white gold or platinum. The charming amalgam adds on to complete makeover and a beautiful look.

Great Closet Jewelry Organizer For Your Home

Your closet is the most important thing in your room. Your clothes, accessories, etc. are all squeezed inside your closet. While it is normal to run out of space in your closet, where do you keep all those accessories and clothes that do not fit inside? With the help of organizers, you can maximize the space available within the closet while ensuring that your closet looks neat and tidy. You can either buy an organizer or make one, so let’s explore both options.

DIY Organizer

Things you need:

  • Five gallon paint sticks
  • Drywall screws
  • Glue
  • Cup hooks
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Sandpaper
  • Saw
  • Paint


  1. Cut the curved handle of the paint sticks. Depending on your requirement, cut the paint sticks to the desirable size.
  2. Cut off 2 pieces of 1 inch each from the stick. Sand the rough patches and the corners of the sticks and pieces with sandpaper.
  3. Glue the 1 inch pieces behind the stick on either side and let them dry overnight.
  4. Drill one hole on either side of the stick. The drywall screws will go in here. This will help you attach the organizer to the wall.
  5. Drill holes evenly throughout the length of

A Brief Insight Into Stunning Wedding Jewelry For Brides

Similar to the bridal gown, it must be as complimenting and ideal as to the bride to emphasize her beauty and look. And because of wide varieties of stunningly beautiful jewelry sets available for brides online, choosing the perfect one is somewhat tricky.

Finding the perfect accessories can be difficult. You need to be sure that each jewelry piece compliments well with each other. It must match your bridal attire as well. Due to a range of Wedding jewelry for brides to choose from, the bride tends to inflate their accessories. Bear in mind, these ornaments must enhance your look. It must be kept sophisticated yet simple. Fortunately, most specialized online bridal stores provide solutions to lighten up the excitement and anxiety of the bride. This is by providing a selection of elegant bridal jewelry sets.

Variety of options

Tradition is the vital element to choosing wedding jewelery for many brides. Brides that love traditional values, typically pick ivory or white pearls, thus, making the pearl color to vitally compliment with their bridal gown. Pearls are stunning on brides for their wedding jewelry. They pop with eye-catching color, which matches cohesively with the wedding gown.

The Trends In Emerald Stone Jeweler

Should I or shouldn’t I, one question that hits your mind when you go out jeweler shopping and are stick on the emerald stone as a jeweler trend. There are always two minds that one encounter when buying emerald which probably is whether the color will suit us or will it look odd on me. But to every individual’s speculation, there are a number of trends that can be observed in emerald jeweler pieces and one will see them fitting in as per the doubts. Some of the best ones are:

Emerald green Earrings

Earrings have adorned women body for over a decade and in stone embellished jeweler this one is a big hit among woman as one would find green being a prominent color in both Indian and western wear. Emerald green earrings are the trending heritage jeweler pieces. From Long hangings to single square pieces all sorts of designs can be seen in them. They can be worn with or without matched up neckpieces.

Emerald green Necklaces

Necklaces in emerald green are the most attractive jeweler pieces. A number of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have been spotted

Selling Unusable Gold Jewellery

Investment in gold has grown as the value of the yellow metal continues to rise. People buy gold in the form of bars, nuggets, bullion and sell it at an opportune time to fetch good returns. But gold has value not only in the form of standard bars and coins but also in state of unusable jewellery or scrap. There are three variables that affect the amount a seller can get for scrap gold:

  • The purity of gold in the item chosen for sale – this is expressed in karats
  • The weight of item – usually in grams but also expressed in troy ounces or pennyweights
  • The spot price of gold in the stock market

24 karats gold is the purest form of the yellow metal. It is very bright and soft at this level. This is why it is necessary to blend it with other metals like few grams of copper or zinc to mould the piece into an ornament. The process lends hardness and colour variation to the item thus created. Because of mixing other elements, the purity of the gold is also affected and comes down from 24 karats.

Most of the jewellery sold

Variety Of Earring And Bracelet Designs In Stainless Steel

The beautiful and elegant stainless steel jewelry can provide a complete change over to your personality and look. Now you can get cool stainless steel jewels from lots of online shops. Not all of them can afford to purchase the expensive platinum, silver or gold jewelry. Even if one does, it is usually limited to a single platinum or gold piece. Moreover, with the stainless steel ornaments, clients can purchase an enormous number of them at the cost of a single piece of the platinum or gold jewels.

Safe and durable

This type of silver jewelers is very safe because they do not cause any allergic reactions towards the skins of human. The hypoallergenic nature of these types of steel jewelry makes it a most wanted among that allergy flat to metals like silver or gold. Usually only a small amount of carbon is utilized during the manufacturing of this stainless steel jewelry. Due to this reason the stainless steel jewelry is more durable than any other metals. In addition to this the presence of iron and chromium makes this alloy is free from rust.

Variety of options


Beneficial Jewelry Shopping Through Online Shops

The world of men and women jewelry is very majestic and so has its fame. There are plenty of collection and choices from which the consumers can select their desired one. Unlike the other fields and markets the industries of jewelry are in a stable growth. The number of patterns and designs is enhanced. So the availability of a number of styles helps to jewellery selling shops to reach the targeted traffic of clients, especially the female clients have dominated. Usually the interested consumers have the two different types of jewelry shopping options, one is traditional jewelry shop and another one is a jewelry online market. Nowadays, the jewelry shopping through online shops become a trend and more popular among so many females.

Jewelry shopping online

Every person has different taste when it comes to selecting the steel jewellery. Some of them like to buy the ring that is heavily crafted with unique gems and stones and some of them like to wear the simple one but a specific quality gold ring. So they prefer online shopping where they can get a huge range of collection and also highest quality steel jewelry. With such varied preferences

Make Your Life Awesome with the Most Attractive and Lovable Jewelleries

We can see a number of designers in the field providing the best as well as very creative designs in the jewelleries making it a base of attraction for the women. Here we will further discuss the various aspects of occasional jewellery.

Something Essential for Engagements and Weddings

Engagement is one of the biggest as well as most important occasions of our life and normally, everyone desires to make this event extremely special for his future bride. The wonderful way to make your engagement tremendous and memorable is by presenting an attractive diamond engagement ring.

The wedding jewellery you choose must complement your outfit. It should draw attention to the attire as well as your style and not surpass you. The wedding costume is already grand and excessive bling can mess up the effect. Seeing as a wedding dress is generally in white and ivory, silver necklace sets with diamonds, pearls or crystals suit well with it. A necklace along with earrings is the most excellent option to keep it nominal and pretty. Avoid weighty jewellery since it would make you look completely be jeweled. For profoundly embroidered gown, choose

5 Must Collection In The Ladies Jewelry Collection

Wearing fashionable jewelry has become a fashionable statement in the recent days. It’s the greatest indication about your personality and your uniqueness. The world of fashion industry is changing constantly as more number of women’s are changing with the change in the latest fashion trends. But still there are few items in the ladies jewelry collection, which can give them a million dollar look.

Statement piece: The statement piece of jewelry creates amazing impression among the people. This grabs the attention in mass. For instance: A beautifully crafted diamond necklace is the best example of statement piece.

The Charm necklace: Charm can be never considered as out of fashion. It gives a great look to the entire attire. By wearing a charm and semi-precious necklace will give you a fabulous look without giving over dressed look or too formal look.

The bracelet bangle: This is the best piece of ornament among womens jewelry. The bracelet bangles are quite easy to wear and maintain as well. They can provide mesmerizing effect to the women’s hand. These bracelets, bangles suits almost all the occasion and can be blended with all types of attires.

Pearls: Pearls are

Making a Statement With Silver Statement Necklace

A statement necklace can be an added accent that makes a basic outfit stand out, a focal point if you will. The difference is astonishing and is guaranteed to make heads turn at you as you stun. The best part about creativity and changing trends is that try out a few different combinations and you get a new wardrobe without spending quite as much.

Pairing a silver statement necklace with something simple like a plain dress or a t-shirt and jeans is perhaps the best way to go about it. It looks good and is always safe. It’s a golden time-saving trick, an easy way to dress up when you are in a time crunch while still looking fabulous and elegant. But because they make such a, statement, these pieces of jewellery can sometimes feel a little over-the-top. We have a few guidelines here – to steer you in the right direction on how to best use that statement jewellery and put together that awesome outfit.

  • Keep your outfit simple. Wear it on a plain dress or tee instead of something with bold patterns or prints as it can end up

5 Tips on How to Choose a Good Stainless Steel Pendant

Pendants made of stainless steel are a popular accessory and amazing fashion trend. Most people opine that pendants are connected to the beliefs and emotions of the individual wearing it. This opinion is most likely true, because most people have reasons for choosing to wear a pendant. For instance if an individual wears a crucifix, it shows the devotion of such an individual to Christianity. Most people reflect what they have a flare for in the pendants they choose to wear. For most people, wearing a pendant with the name or picture of their loved ones represents how dear such people are to them while for some people it helps to ward off negative spirits or energies.

A stainless steel pendant is an elegant piece of jewelry that also serves as the perfect gift for those dear to you, regardless of the occasion (anniversary, birthday, etc.). What makes any gift special is the selection of the right one. There are five major tips that can help you choose the right pendant for your loved ones. These tips include the following;

There are so many designs of stainless steel pendants, choosing the right one can be a

Timeless Pieces of Jewellery

The arm party is essentially over, and while we are still fawning over the stacked rings look, a new way to show off your jewellery-layering prowess has surfaced on fashion favourites. Earrings have staggeringly reappeared in the fashion sector, with women going ga-ga over the trend. Many women are opting for big chunky ones as they feel that it will add charm to their overall personality.

Teaming the perfect attire with sensational piece of jewellery like earrings for women has become an inclination these days. Majority of the lady crowd leans forward to these kinds of accessories based on their overall style, colour, and materials. New designs, better presentation, intricate details, and a touch of modernity are what women desire.

The multiple ear-piercing trend

  • It strikes the perfect balance between feminine and tough. The most important thing is not to get into wearing a pair of earrings that are “currently in style” but do not suit you. There are many options out there in earrings that will not only flatter your face but also add an edge to your entire outfit or look. Earrings for women are a wonderful way to perk up your face

5 Basic Tips About Stainless Steel Rings

A popular fashion accessory is stainless steel jewelries; many people prefer this type of jewelry because it is resistant to corrosion. Its bright silver nature makes it an accessory that suits almost every outfit. The jewelry is made from an alloy of iron, carbon and a mixture of other metals (hence called “stainless”), its passive nature makes it extremely resistant to oxidation or tarnish. Stainless steel jewelries can be used to make necklaces, rings, ear rings, bracelets, men’s jewelries, piercings, and other accessories. Common designs of stainless steel jewelries include dog tags (military style necklaces), hearts, and ID bracelets.

There are five basic tips to bear in mind about stainless steel rings, they include the following;

  1. Different types of stainless steel rings are made from stainless steel. They come in various designs. There are also various sizes and patterns to ensure that people of all sizes get their choice of accessory.Popular designs of rings made of stainless steel include heart, crucifix, some have names or signs engraved in them, and many more. Such jewelries are produced in a variety of colors by anodizing the stainless steel. Stainless steel is strong, thus

Find The Leading Discount Jewelry Store For Cheap Jewelry

To look stylish and trendy is being easy with widest selection of apparels, beauty products and jewelry available to choose from. When you look for the cheap jewelry online then must see amazing designs and materials in the jewelry. It serves the crucial role in the overall appearance of women and if you are one of the stylish women then jewelry is must have thing for you.

Women love shopping and when it comes to necklaces then they must look for the discount stores that enable them to get the elegant, stylish and trendy ornaments. You can browse for the cheap ornaments online and here cheap doesn’t mean cheap finishing of product but it denotes the price. You can avail stylish and trendy ornaments at very competitive pricing with the help of highly recognized or specialized vendor like Discount Dollar Jewelry.

Having reference of leading or specialized store will give you chance to enjoy special discount offers on trendy and fashionable necklaces and rings. Discount Dollar Jewelry is one of the leading discount jewelry stores provide amazing selection of ornaments for women which is both stylish and trendy. When it comes to buying ornaments online then

Diamond District Buyers in NYC

Gold is a treasured item, and it would not be fair if you sell it to local buyers who will buy it a very lower price when you can reap a lot of cash from it. That’s why DD Buyers are the best to consider since they buy your gold at very reasonable and trustworthy prices. This has led to their popularity internationally since they don’t take advantage of their customers.

Be assured when you visit their stores in New York City, you will return home with a big smile on your face. You also need to know that not only New York resident benefit from DD Buyers, where you live doesn’t matter you should just utilize their online services which are safe and secure.

By using their gold mail kit, you will not incur extra charges since they will take care of the shipping along with insurance and you will just receive a direct check or a wire transfer. Look for more details about them and to add to that, they do not deal with gold alone, there are a lot more than you can imagine.

They specialize in